Our Story

I started off making sewing pattern weights. Decorated with spray paint and animal print designs. As things started to grow I became very aware of the potential health implications. Spray painting in a room that would have benefitted from better ventilation. As well as the environmental implications of the metal discs, that would out live me and the user once their usefulness had ceased.

At the same time as starting to grow my business I was also applying for jobs – I applied for nearly 200 roles and was rejected or not contacted by nearly 90% of the roles. I was applying for any and every role that fit my skill sets – even roles I knew I was overqualified for. To keep the negative thought spiral, from all the rejections, at bay. I would try all sorts of techniques, meditation, deep breathing, mindful walks. These would all help for a while but I knew I needed something more permanent. That’s when I started to branch out into sewing labels.

I created this brand to promote the need to question our habitual behaviours. It is up to us to decide whether our habits help or hinder the way we want to live our lives. The products I design and the resources I share are to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make effective change to your habitual behaviours and thoughts. So you can begin moving towards a life with a better understanding of who you are, your capabilities and what matters to you the most.
Make positive thought a daily habit​
The power of positive thought

Positive thoughts, and feelings of joy and happiness, release Serotonin. Which is most affectionately known as a “happy-hormone”, due to it’s mood regulating properties. But it also helps regulate digestion, sleep, blood clotting and bone density. And helps to improve other brain functions such as memory. In our opinion it’s a major key to making your dreams come true.

Slow and steady wins the race

Aesop’s fable of the tortoise and the hare encourages consistency and persistence in the pursuit of your goals. Working on making your dreams come true can be a bumpy ride, which is why our products are designed to embed moments of reflection into your daily routine. So whether you are getting dressed for the day, delving into a good book or working on your master plan. You’ll be prompted to remember how far you have come and what you have achieved along the way.

Happiness is contagious

The release of Serotonin is triggered by all experiences of joy and happiness. Celebrating someone else’s success and sharing their achievements, has equal benefits for you and them.

Our Values

In order to be successful in our mission, we need to find innovative ways to help our customers to embrace these values.

Develop Self-Awareness

Be curious, not judgemental.

Be Goal Orineted

Enjoy the work.

Build Confidence

Embrace what you are good at. And get outside your comfort zone.

Have Self-Compassion

Treat yourself with the same kindness your would a loved one or friend.

Find Small Joys Everywhere

Discover moments of joy the everyday.